SPOKIY is a project of the Maysternya dobra, GO with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine. It was created to support the mental health of territorial defense units’ members (TDUMs) and their families in the context of unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The project involves the formation of a community of experts, the generalization of experience, and the creation of psychoeducational materials: a training course for universities, animations, and a self-help booklet.

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Project period: from 01.09.2022 to 30.06.2023

Self-help brochure

All the knowledge and experience of working with war victims helped our experts to create effective recommendations for members of territorial defense units and their families who have experienced the consequences of traumatic events.

We offer a free PDF brochure to read and download for use in situations where it is not possible to seek help from a specialist. Free of charge and without registration.

For families

For military personnel

Teaching book

The teaching book presents the theoretical and practical principles of providing psychological assistance to members of territorial defense units and their families. It presents modern technologies of psychological assistance and correction, as well as measures to prevent and overcome professional burnout of socio-economic specialists working with this social category. The manual contains a training course curriculum for the professional training of psychologists and social workers in this aspect of activity.

The publication will be interesting and useful for teachers of psychological disciplines, students of psychology and future social workers, practitioners who plan or directly work with TDUMs and their families.

Resource register

If you need help and would like to receive additional materials beyond those posted on our website, please use our self-help register!

Project results

  • A self-help brochure was created and distributed free of charge
  • 2 animated videos for TDUMs and their families created
  • A methodological manual was published and distributed for use in universities and government agencies
  • 7 events organized and project results presented to over 2000 mental health professionals
  • More than 300,000 people reached with project materials
  • More than 200 mental health professionals involved in the community
  • More than 200 individual and group psychoeducational counselling sessions provided
  • Adaptation of interactive equipment to help TDUMs, family members, including those in captivity and IDPs

Team and organization

Liudmyla Opanasenko

project coordinator, psychologist, head of the psychological center at the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

Andrii Vasyliev

Chief Project Coordinator, Associate Professor at Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, graduate of UBL PIE 🇺🇲

Kateryna Chaikovska

project coordinator, psychiatrist, narcologist, graduate of UBL PIE 🇺🇲

About the Maysternya dobra, GO

It has been operating since 2014. The purpose of the organization is to promote self-realization, initiatives, personal and professional development of Ukrainian citizens, especially young people, people with disabilities and other socially vulnerable groups, to involve them in active public life, to promote positive social, socio-economic transformations, and to spread progressive ideas and worldview in society. The GO brings together university professors, students and volunteers of psychology, sociology and medical sciences.

Successfully implemented projects:
1. Ukraine-Norway project: training of military personnel and their families in Ukraine. From the International Social Adaptation Fund, 2021-2022.
2. “Mykolaiv – City of Equality”: a project to reduce discrimination in Ukraine. Human Rights Foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, 2018-2019.
3. “Developing New Approaches to Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities”: Education and Employment of People with Disabilities, US Embassy in Ukraine, 2014-15.
4. Project “Spokiy”: supporting the mental health of members of territorial defense units and their families in the context of unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine. US Embassy in Ukraine, 2022-23.

Project “Spokiy”: mental health of TDUMs and their families in the context of unprovoked russian aggression against Ukraine. Supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine

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